SSL HTTP verification pending on CNAME setup

We found our site in error today showing (SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP) and a HTTP validation error in the SSL settings page, I have since followed guidance on the forum to disable and enable Universal SSL but now its stuck on validation. I’m on a CNAME setup which I believe needs additional DNS entries on cloudflare but its unclear what these additional entries need to be?

Any help would be great


In a CNAME/parital setup - it should be using HTTP validation and ask long as you have your DNS records in place to proxy through Cloudflare the validation should happen - as we inject the HTTP URI and string required in order for validation to complete.

Are you still seeing an issue? - If so, if you can confirm the hostname in question and we can take a look.

Keep in mind Parital/CNAME Setup’s only protect subdomains (eg. not the root/apex ( - so you would need to have a certificate in place on your origin web server to support HTTPS over this hostname.


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