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Hi All,

Looking for a hand sorting out the below website SSL bug we are experiencing.

The website is being redirected from http to https for every page. It also displays this on the backend that it is http.

When I reached out to shopify they advised they are unable to re-activate the SSL as the DNSSEC is enabled. However, the DNSSEC is not enabled.

We are currently using the Universal SSL which isn’t an issue for other websites I have handled.

Does anyone know how to avoid/fix this redirect?

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I’ve had DNSSEC issues before where it’s stuck at the domain registrar. So…give this tool a try to see if DNSSEC is activated:

Or this one:

And for a more thorough look, there’s this one:

If you can verify that there’s some DNSSEC enabled for your domain, you may have to contact your registrar to disable it. If you’re lucky, there’s a setting there you can check for yourself.

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thanks sdayman, helped confrim that this wasnt the issue.

Back to square one on http / https re-direct issue. Is there a way to contact cloudfare support?

The easiest way to contact support is to login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

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