Ssl how many certificates do I need

how many domains can I add their free ssl to, is it different ssl for each domain?

how many ssl certifacates can i get from cloudfare

Universal SSL is free which covers * and

Advanced Certificate Manager is $10/month per zone and offers up to 100 edge certificates per zone.

What does that mean in plane English please

Cloudflare will automatically generate an edge certificate for each of your domains. As far as I know there’s no limit to the number of domains in an account. The edge certificate generation / renewal / management happens automatically and you rarely need to worry or even think about it.

You’ll also need certificates on your origin server(s) to encrypt traffic between Cloudflare and your server (or for grey-clouded DNS entries, direct traffic from the public to your server)

If you control your origin server (you can log in and install/run software), it’s generally best to use LetsEncrypt / Certbot to generate a certificate for it. You can include multiple domains in one certificate. LetsEncrypt allows 100 names per certificate (although if you’re doing and * for each domain then you can only do 50). But you can also use multiple certificates on your origin if you want to. Configured properly, Certbot will automatically renew certificates. It’s fairly simple to use.

As an alternative to LetsEncrypt, you can also get an Origin Certificate from Cloudflare and load it on your server. These certificates can ONLY be used for orange-clouded traffic. There’s no automatic renewal (unless you rig something up with the API) BUT the certificates are valid for 10 years.

If you use a web host and thus don’t have full control of your origin server, you’ll have to check with them about how they handle SSL certificate generation.

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