SSL Help me setup please

How to add SSL to my domain

Which domain are we talking about?

Cloudflare is on it

Assuming your server’s IP address ends with the digit “2” you should first get HTTPS to work on your host itself, as otherwise you could never have a secure connection. Once that is done you just need to make sure your SSL mode on Cloudflare is one of the two Fulls (either non-strict or - preferably - strict) and you have Always-use-HTTPS and HTTPS-rewrites enabled.

The domain works perfectly fine, I just have to upload the files. The SSL is the only issue atm

The point is you do not have an HTTPS certificate configured on your server and you will need that to have a properly secured connection.

How do I do that

For that you need to contact your host. The server actually is serving HTTPS but there is a) no certificate for your domain and b) it redirects an HTTPS request to your site to HTTP. Your host needs to configure this properly.

My host told me to contact Cloudflare

Cloudflare cant change your server configuration. HTTPS is something that needs to be configured on your server for your domain. Once that is done you can continue with the Cloudflare part.

How do I know if the HTTPS is configured

By pausing Cloudflare for your domain in the control panel and connecting straight to your IP address instead of going through Cloudflare. No need to remove Cloudflare from your domain, temporarily pausing it will do that trick.

Cloudflare works on my website. The 5 second JS challenge works

Yes, Cloudflare works.

When I connect to the IP it says 403 Forbidden

Because it is not a dedicated IP address but you share it and because of that it needs to be associated with your domain.

The point is, your host currently has not configured your domain for HTTPS and in that case you will never have a secure connection. You, respectively your host, need to address that first.

When they respond I’ll reply.

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