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hi I still can’t get my site to say secure
I installed really simple ssl plugin- which says :

Certificate name mismatch
[Click here to ignore the mismatch and proceed with the tests]
Try these other domain names (extracted from the certificates):

What does this mean?

We were able to retrieve a certificate for this site, but the domain names listed in it do not match the domain name you requested us to inspect. It’s possible that:

  • The web site does not use SSL, but shares an IP address with some other site that does.
  • The web site no longer exists, yet the domain name still points to the old IP address, where some other site is now hosted.
  • The web site uses a content delivery network (CDN) that does not support SSL.
  • The domain name is an alias for a web site whose main name is different, but the alias was not included in the certificate by mistake.


any ideas guys ?

Cert name mismatch doesn’t sound good. What’s the domain? is what my domain is

says the certificate is for
some how

While that domain is currently using Cloudflare’s name servers, it is not proxied (:orange:) by Cloudflare.

If you set DNS for that hostname to :orange:, and make sure your SSL/TLS setting is Full (not strict), that should get it working.


it eventually was cloud flare settings needed to be orange clouded within cf settings. Just a few clicks on the image as suggested by a cloudflare support ticket bot

Thank you for your help though it may well have been this too ! :slight_smile: :lock:

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