SSL has stopped working on subdomains

Hi All

So the SSL seems to be working on the main URL but has all of a sudden stopped working on all the subdomains…for example: which now shows a ‘Security Warning’ saying…Websites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for expired on 4/2/2020.


Any ideas would be gratefully received.

Many TIA

Are you using SSL strict? If you are make sure you have SSL installed for your subdomains and root domain. If you use SSL full, make sure you are proxying :orange: ur subdomain records aswell.

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Hi Eldhose…in the SSL/TLS settings is showing I have the ‘FULL’ SSL selected as for the rest I don’t know how to do that unfortunately.

All the subdomains have been working fine for years until a day or so ago so I don’t understand what has happened for them to suddenly stop working.


Thats odd. Try disabling Universal SSL, and then Turn it on. May be that works. :man_shrugging:t4:

That sounds scary :flushed: it is very weird but then again I don’t know what I’m doing which doesn’t help.

The ‘beaver’ subdomain is not going through Cloudflare. It’s probably set to :grey:, and the server’s certificate for that subdomain has expired. You need to contact the host to fix that.

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Hi sdayman, thanks for that info!..yes the * CNAME is set to: DNS only…I use DigitalOcean so I guess there must be some way of issuing a new cert there… :thinking:

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Hmm so it looks like this would be done via vitualmin :thinking:

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