SSL handshake - uknown error

Direct https connection to my server works from my embedded device (with a Let’s encrypt certificate), when introducing cloudflare, there is no returned error code, and requests are not even reaching the cloudflare’s firewall, the connection is disconnected before any response.
I tried both Google and Let’s Encrypt certificates on Cloudflare, but same result.
I do not have full control on the embedded device, I can see some basic logs, and I can change the server’s URL.

Is there a way to see the handshake log on cloudflare? my problem might be the ECDSA , is there a way to use a certificate without ECDSA , without passing to Enterprise edition?

Thank you

Just to add more details about my request.
I disabled the “Browser integrity option”, but same error when testing from my embedded device.
I tried also the developer mode to allow all packets to pass, by it is not working, it is failing at the handshake level.
I am able to make the following tests successfully:

  • Testing from Postman
  • Testing from a browser (GET requests)
  • Testing from curl and changing the Agent to the same agent name used in my device.
    Thank you

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