SSL Handshake Issue

my loads properly but sometimes it shows an SSL Handshake error. Tell me how I can resolve this issue

Make sure you take a read here at the 525 error section:

If this is happening consistently (e.g. every HTTPS request fails with 525) this indicates your origin doesn’t actually accept TLS connections, and you’d need to try Flexible SSL, or enable TLS at the origin so Cloudflare can connect without needing to downgrade to plaintext HTTP.

This is not happening consistently, whenever I open the link it works properly but my clients face this issue
What can I do in resolving this issue?

You would need to check your origin to understand why it is resetting the TLS handshake - for me - I see this error consistently for www:

But not for the naked domain:

That tells me your origin server may be different for your naked domain vs WWW - you should double check your DNS settings on Cloudflare to make sure that:

a) The IP address is correct for your origin server(s)
b) Each origin IP is configured to accept a TLS connection

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