SSL handshake failed



I have an problem i get the error: SSL handshake failed on https://-knip-.-knip-.-knip-:2053
On https://-knip-.-knip-.-knip-:80 works https but not on -knip-.-knip-.-knip-:2053
What is the problem? On my own ip works it.


You mean, without :80, right?

You most likely didnt configure a valid certificate for the service listening on your port 2053. Check that.


It is something you need to configure on your server, not on Cloudflare.


Wich port must i portforward? 443 is already


It is not about forwarding. The service listening on port 2053 does not have a valid certificate.


No that have port 80 also not it is an self hosted proxy


Sorry, I am not sure what you are trying to say.

You main page works, does it not? The issue is with 2053 and that is because you do not have a valid certificate on that port.


pls close this :slight_smile: and Plss @sandro remove all the domains in this topic for privacy

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