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Hello, The problem i’m encountering is whenever i try to access my website (made with google sites), I get the error, SSL Handshake Failed (error code 525) here’s a screenshot of the record’s I have, I also read the other articles and those didn’t work, I also tried to purge cache and after a day still the same error, my SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full, does anyone know how to fix this? Domain:


Make sure you have your custom domain added to Google otherwise, it wouldn’t issue an SSL certificate that covers the domain and Cloudflare will refuse to connect.

I don’t get added to google, I have the TXT verification on my records and CNAME record, the domain is also available on google search []( I have the domain on Google Search Console, What else can do to fix this? Thank you

“typo” I don’t get by what you mean “added to google”

Not sure what service you are hosting, but if you make the DNS record unproxied (:grey:) and wait for the DNS cache to expire, do you see the SSL certificate covers

Nevermind, With Cloudflare proxy off, I don’t have a SSL certificate, the website was working a couple of days ago with Cloudflare proxy on, I don’t know why this just happens now

Is there a way for my website to work with Cloudflare proxy on? The domain’s ip address also dosen’t resolve

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