SSL handshake failed ٥

I have received this message, and I do not know what to do ?

SSL handshake failed

Uploading: Screenshot_٢٠٢١٠٥١٥-٢٠٥٣٢٤_Chrome.png…

That screenshot didn’t finish uploading.

That says your server is not configured for HTTPS for your website. It needs to have a valid SSL/TLS certificate on your server.

I have linked Cloudflare for a long time
And this happened from a little while, what can I do to solve the problem

Ask your host to add a valid SSL/TLS certificate for your site.

They are paid and I will not be able to pay for it at the moment
There is no solution to it else?

If they will let you add your own certificate, Cloudflare can provide one:

I did it from
But I do not have hosting, I am hosting on blogger

When I do a choice Flexible
This shows and when I do full The first screen shot appears

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