SSL handshake failed!

Hi, I have been using Cloudflare for long but when I decided to switch Cloudflare SSL to Full there always have been Problems. I previously used Lets Encrypt Certs on my Server and I would get this “SSL handshake failed” error frequently especially when I try to visit my Wordpress Admin Page. So, I decided to install Cloudflare’s own SSL Certs on my Server instead of Lets Encrypt. Even, then It did not Help a bit and the Error comes on popping up and my site goes down. Please can someone guide my how to fix this Problem or I should Leave Cloudflare.

That’s certainly one way to fix it.

It sounds like your server has an occasional glitch. How often does this happen?


Well I think it occured when I switched to Plesk. As I mentioned the Error only pops up when I visit Wordpress Admin Dashboard and when I go to Jetpack (a WP Plugin) management page. I also want to ask you that is it because of this Plesk feature (which I had heard the first time) “TLS versions and Cyphers by Mozilla”. I had enabled that. Also I use Litespeed Server which I had been using before as well but without Plesk and it was fine.
Waiting for your Reply,

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