SSL Handshake failed (without WWW)

When I search my domain without WWW, browser showing SSL Handshake failed. How can I fix this problem?
I show my DNS record below

You need to remove the A records and create a CNAME record for which points to

Already I used correct CNAME record. That’s why my site properly running with WWW. When I search “mi2it dot com” browser showing error. That means HTTPS problem there. My Cloudflare SSL mode is “Full”. Should I change?

Changing the SSL mode will not help, try it if you like (but remember to change it back). Unless you have updated your DNS records from what’s pictured in your screenshot, I’m pretty sure the problem is what I previously described. You need a CNAME record for your root domain, not just the www subdomain.

Are you referencing documentation somewhere which recommend creating an A record pointing directly to a Google service IP?

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thank you so much. now i understand

hide your server’s ip is a security risk to show it… when people know it can bypass Cloudflare and attack you

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