SSL handshake failed with MicroTik

Good time
after set Full mode in Cloudflare and import certificate in MicroTik router, I have problem with Full mode. error is “SSL handshake failed
in MicroTik

  1. copy Certificate from Origin CA certificate Cloudflare and import in router certificate.
  2. config DoH in DNS MicroTik.
  3. set Port 443 with my domain CA

Do I need more steps to complete the wanted connection?
I would be pleased to get your suggestions if there is another way to set MicroTik Router in an easy way for full / full(strict)

You should always only use Full Strict, as the legacy Full does not support proper encryption and keeps your site insecure.

Does your site load fine on HTTPS when Cloudflare is paused?

If it doesn’t load, you know why you get the error and need to fix the certificate.

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After pause Cloudflare, with Mikrotik’s CA my site load with not valid HTTPS, but open router’s page.

If you are saying the browser shows a security warning because of your router’s manufacturer certificate, then your certificate deployment did not work and

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