SSL handshake failed when i change the SSL to 'full'

I really need help.
I changed my SSL to full from flexible and now its giving me Error 525 SSL handshake failed.
The Reason I changed it because without it i would get an ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error.
This is my first domain and i registered it on cloudflare.
Please someone help!

You need to check the SSL certificate of your website.

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Once you fix the certificate on your origin server, be sure to only ever use Full (strict).

Thank you for the replies but can I ask how do i change the origin server certificate?

Your host should have included SSL for your site. Was it working with HTTPS before you proxied it with Cloudflare?

I didnt have a host before this

Pause Cloudflare. Work with your host to fix the certificate on you origin server. Once your site loads over HTTPS, you can unpause and Full (strict) should work correctly.


Thank you everyone! It works now!


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