Ssl handshake failed error while accessing my website

Today when I tried to access my website from Cpanel got the error message.

I have checked on YouTube and they have given the solution to change the SSL settings to Flexible and I believe that’s not safe to choose.

I have checked about this “SSL HANDSHAKE FAILED ERROR CODE 525” in this community but nothing helped me.

I am not good at coding.

Could someone please help me. I have complete my work on my website.

You are absolutely right, that’s a legacy mode and not safe and these videos “suggest” the wrong thing.

Unfortunately, the error mean that your server has an SSL issue and you would need to fix this with your host. I would recommend to pause Cloudflare and contact your host to get your site working fine on HTTPS, then it will also work on Cloudflare.


Pause Cloudflare means.

I got hosting services from GoDaddy and they want me to get SSL certificate and it is kind of expensive.

If your host provides a way to install your own certificate you can also get a cheaper one or a Let’s Encrypt one or a Cloudflare Origin certificate.

But you need SSL first on the server.


I believe Self-Signed certificate is also not secure when it comes to Public.

Could you please help to get Cloudflare origin certificate.

Of course, it isn’t. You need a proper, trusted certificate.

As for Origin certificates → Yandex

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