SSL handshake failed Error code 525 at Chennai

SSL handshake coming only at Chennai location only. if i use proxy it works fine.
last two week i’m facing this issue on multiple domains.

some example:



A 525 error is typically caused by a configuration issue in your origin web server when its SSL certificate is not properly set up. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for advice & insight. Also, Advanced Certificate Manager would allow you to secure multiple levels of your subdomains.

Other cloudflare location are fine and not showing any error.
this SSL handshake error coming south indian CF regions.
other user also reported : community post

That post is from >2 years ago.

I suspect it’s a local routing issue with the ISP. You may want to contact them to se if they’re having issues and also run a trace from an affected machine.

i’m a customer these to companies - &

i verified with 3 ISP’s same issue. if i refresh multiple time the website will open(some time)

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