SSL Handshake failed (525)

I am trying to connect a google site to my Cloudflare domain, β€”. I have added the appropriate CNAME record and set the SSL/TLS encryption to Full (strict). When I try to connect to the site, I get the SSL Handshake failed (525) error which says the browser and cloudflare are working, but there is a host error.

Make sure the CNAME record is set to β€œDNS only” so Google can verify it is set and generate the SSL certificate at their end.

If not that, what is the domain?

Hi! Thanks for your reply. I have set it to DNS only now and I am still receiving the same error. The domain is β€”.

It may take a few minutes for the DNS change to propagate. It’s not possible to have a Cloudflare error page when the record is β€œDNS only” so you should see it works shortly. It is working ok for me now.


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