SSL Handshake Error - 525 error - 534 error - invalid site

My domain, is hosted by HostPapa.

I noticed today that the site was down.

When trying to access the site via https://, I get a 525, SSL Handshake Error. When doing so via http://, I get a 534, Invalid site error.

The screen that comes up for the 525 error indicates that there is a “host” error.

I am enrolled in the HostPapa Power Protection plan to protect against intrusions, etc. Hostpapa told me that the SSL certificate for the Power Protection plan expired and needed to be manually updated via Cloudflare and that the issue is with Cloudflare.

Can anyone advise as to how to fix this issue?

If their certificate has expired, they need to renew that, that is nothing Cloudflare can fix nor an issue on Cloudflare’s side.

You best pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right) and talk to your host for them to fix that.

However, a 525 does not suggest an expired certificate, but rather a general SSL issue.

Does your server IP address end in 36? If so, you seem to have a valid certificate and the issue would rather be that your host may block Cloudflare’s connections, hence why you get the 525.

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