SSL Handshake Aborted Error On Mobile Application

Hi Cloudflare Community,

One user of our platform, reported that; he was not able to use our android application when connected to his home network wifi, similarly he couldn’t access our page through mobile browser either. The application’s splash screen show an SSL handshake abort error as follows:

But when he turns off wi-fi on his phone and falls back to his 4G GSM connection, all work well.
So this made me suspect that there is some kind of bad reputation IP address list that Cloudflare looks up, and blocks the traffic. Is that right?

And if it’s right, what can do about it other than whitelisting the user’s home wi-fi public address?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.


Hi @mutlu.dagdelen, I just tested on mobile browser and your app and don’t have issues on wifi or cellular. Are you still seeing this issue?

Can you share the IP in question? Or, check it against to give some idea if the IP shows on a banned list.

Hi @cloonan,
This is not a general problem, and yes it stil l exists.

Only a few customers experience this, and only when connected to some specific networks. So I tend to think this is an IP problem as you also imply.

There is no sign of ban, when I checked against Project Honeypot.


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