SSL - GoDaddy - wordpress issue

Hello everybody!
I’m writing after reading all similar topics but still not solving my problem.

I added Cloudflare free ssl for my wp site I installed it flexible and had the really simple SSL plugin installed I put it on maintenance mood on w/an elementor template. but when trying to edit my theme I was having e 520 error so I leave it for that day. Next day when I tried to login on wp-admins was impossible, not even holding on the plugins at Cpanel or anything. Cloudflare was running OK and Goddadys “support” says it was a Cloudflare problem.
At the end the only “solution was reinstalling everything from zero. This time I got the Cloudflare Flexible SSL plugin + the Force HTTPS instead the Really Simple SSL, Also made 3 page rules including wp-login.php* and wp-admin* which I think is what is helping me to not being kicked out from wp admin again hahaha but I still have the same 520 error when trying to edit any page, nothing is helping not even changing theme, or deactivating elementor…:woman_shrugging:
I have Editor Loader Method on, rocket loader off.

I must say (as you probably can guess) I’m a non-techie person at all so i’m scratching my head trying to solve this but really cannot find how.

Hope anyone can help me! Thank you in advance

You should probably back up a bit and not use Page Rules (for now).

Flexible SSL really makes things more difficult with Wordpress. Give this a try:

Hi again!
So I just did it, configure the ssl strict on cpanel and I’m still having the same issue (It happens when I try to edit any page, doesn’t happen when personalizing themes or coming soon template those are working ok):

I must say I did not erase the page rules yet cuz I’m afraid I’ll loose access to the wp-admin as already happended the first time.
Should I? also should I uninstall Cloudflare &/or Force https pluggins?

Thank U!!!

A 520 is probably security protection blocking the request.

Now that SSL seems to be ruled out, see how it works without Cloudflare:
From the Cloudflare dashboard’s Overview section, click “Pause Cloudflare on Site” in the lower right corner.

Wait 5 minutes for DNS to update, then give the editor a try.

Back to the 520…have you checked server logs for the activity that’s getting blocked? It might be in a log that only GoGaddy has access to.

Hi again, well I dont know where to check it :sweat_smile:
In metrics/errors I found this:

[Fri Dec 14 04:31:02.086391 2018] [access_compat:error] [pid 3131180:tid 140474056611584] [client] AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /home/x4v6r9w8vz2p/public_html/wp-includes/js/crop/wawa.php, referer:
[Fri Dec 14 04:30:59.393296 2018] [access_compat:error] [pid 3131184:tid 140474245428992] [client] AH01797: client denied by server configuration: /home/x4v6r9w8vz2p/public_html/wp-includes/js/crop/wawa.php, referer:

Is it giving any useful info?

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