Hello – we have just upgraded to your “Advanced Certificate Manager” program because we need to generate an additional SSL Certificate. We just need a little help in understanding what type of cert we should generate under this plan. We have created a CNAME in Cloudflare (DNS Only) to point “” to “”, which is hosted by Microsoft.

Can you please let us know the type of certificate we should generate for this purpose? Is this an “Edge” certificate, or a different type?

Is anyone willing to perhaps do a teams call? I need clear cut instructions and I need to properly explain what we have and what I’ve done. First time so bear with me please, thank you in advance.

For your use case you do not need ACM, and ACM will not provide what you are looking for.

Microsoft Power Apps requires you to upload a valid certificate. Cloudflare will not allow you to download the ACM certificates. You will need to purchase a certificate for the Power App from a “normal” CA, and upload it to Microsoft.

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Will cloudshare be relevant at all moving forward? I’m new to this, so forgive me in advance. Will it still manage our root domain, dns? I don’t know if thats the proper question. Do I actually add the CNAME here on cloudshare?

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