SSL giving errors in other countries

I’ve been having this issue for a couple days now. I’m running into an issue where people from certain countries cannot access my website. I have been running tests on Free Website Uptime Test | Uptrends and speaking with my host. My host isn’t blocking any IPs and their site is visible worldwide. They are telling me it’s a Cloudflare issue. I’ve looked through other forum posts but I can’t seem to find an answer to this one. The website in question is Any help would be appreciated.

Which countries? I can’t get that site to fail anywhere.

And can you post a screenshot of one of these errors?


Assuming your server IP address ends in 145, you’d have a security issue.

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I’m going to switch over to full strict and create an origin certificate for my web server. I’ll update here if that fixes the issue.

I switched over and still seem to be having the same issue. Is it possible Free Website Uptime Test | Uptrends is wrong?

Quite possibly. The Sitemeer service @sdayman posted is a lot more reliable :innocent:

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