SSL gives troubles to my site



I have free SSL certificate from my host, I activated it with cPanel and it worked fine but now it gives error telling thar the certificate expired yesterday. The only certificate I have in the site is this from Cloudflare so I don’t know what can be the error. Sometimes it works in the website but doesn’t work on subdomains (like cPanel one).

My site is
Any help would be appreciated.


It looks pretty good in HTTPS, but it did let me connect with HTTP and gave some errors.

I suggest you turn on “Always Use HTTPS” in Cloudflare’s Crypto tab. What SSL setting do you have here? Flexible? Full?

Where are you seeing the error that expired yesterday? Even though my servers are behind Cloudflare, I can still renew my Let’s Encrypt certificates. Does cPanel let you renew your certificate?


Ok, I activated the “Always Use HTTPS”. My SSL mode is Full and the error is in Chrome, when I try to enter the site. I will attach a screenshot, is in spanish but I think you will understand it. cPanel doens’t give me any option to renew SSL certificates.

Thanks for your help!


This does not appear to be a Cloudflare issue since the subdomain at the image you listed is not pointing to Cloudflare. I check and there is an expired cPanel-issued TLS certificate installed at the subdomain you listed. The certificate expired on Nov 7 23:59:59 2017 GMT.

You should contact your hosting provider which will be able to tell you why the certificate is not automatically renewing. There could be a problem with domain validation, to know for sure the logs they have should tell you the issue"

EDIT: You might want to try whitelisting this Comodo’s IP over at Cloudflare’s Firewall. These IPs are used by Comodo for domain validation. Source: