SSL give error and stop working

I hope you are doing well. I installed SSL Plugin on my site 2 months ago. Now, It gives an SSL error. I’m trying to resolve this issue but nothing. I hire a developer to resolve this issue. But, I want to know from you guys why it is happening. I did not do anything with the plugin.


May I ask which one?

Seems to me like the SSL certificate at the origin has expired, or so?

May I ask what is the error code you were seeing?

Currently, I do not get an SSL error, works fine “as-is”:

I wonder how did the developer fixed it, if it’s not a secret to share for any other user possibly having the same issue as you? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: (hopefully not the Flexible SSL option at the SSL/TLS tab of Cloudflare dashboard under your Cloudflare account for your domain name) as far as follows from below articles:


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