SSL Full (Strict) Mode and Digicert Certificate

I have the basic CF plan. I configured my site with Full (strict) SSL Mode at first I got a free CloudFlare Cert and installed it on my server. Everything is working.

Today, I decided to install my GigiCert certificate and switch my website to use that certificate instead of the CF issued cert. When I browsed to my site, I received an error from CF stating my certificate was invalid. Full (strict) mode is supposed to work with a trusted CA cert or CF own cert but they didn’t like my Digicert certificate. How do I fix this so I can use my Digicert cert and still use Strict Mode?
SHould I turn off strict mode, replace my cert then enable strict Mode again?

Can you try switch it to Full SSL (not strict)? Deos anything changes?

Are your hostname(s) like,, included in your SSL certificate at your origin/host?

Moreover, do you have :orange: cloud at your A/CNAME records at Cloudflare DNS dashboard?

Regarding your issue about the SSL certificate invalid error:

Kindly, could you please try to follow the steps from the article below to solve your problem:

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