SSL From Cloudflare

For some time now, some of our customers have been reporting that they cannot access our website:
r - loops . com because the website does not provide a secure connection.

I tested it on all browsers, several IP addresses, etc. and it works. We have received several such questions over the last month. Has anyone had a similar situation? or knows where the problem might be? Server side or Cloudflare?

Thanks in advance,

They are probably using old and outdated browsers that don’t support current encryption standards.

You can look at this SSL Labs report to see a list of simulated browser handshakes and which ones fail on your site. For example, Android 2.3.7, which is very old and will fail on a lot of websites.

Also, you should enable TLS 1.3 in your Cloudflare dashboard under SSL → Edge Certificates. Apparently it is disabled on your site for some reason.


Thank you for your answer.
TTL 1.3 is disabled as it tests all ways to catch this error :slight_smile:

One customer wrote that the problem occurred in all his browsers, and when he launched the website via VPN, it worked fine.

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