SSL free registration not working

I initiated the process to register for ssl security certificate for my website for free via cloudfare. It is not able to check my website. It gives “recheck” option after many days and I didn’t receive any email that it’s been checked?

Have you changed the nameservers to point to Cloudflare? What is the domain?

I don’t know if I changed by mistake. How can I know if I changed them or not?

You do have a certificate on your server too, dont you? If not, your connection still wont be secure.

No I don’t have ssl certificate. Or may be I am not understanding what you want to say.

In that case you should get one and configure it on your server.

As @domjh already mentioned, whats your domain?

1 Like is the domain name. How to configure? I read cloudfare is giving free ssl certificate

You can generally obtain free certificates. For example from Lets Encrypt.

Cloudflare only gives you partially a free certificate. One is the one they provision on their servers, but this does not secure your connection. To secure your connection you also need one on your server. That can be any publicly valid certificate. If it should be free, either get one from Lets Encrypt or a Cloudflare origin certificate.

As for your issue, you havent set any nameservers for your domain. You need to do so at your registrar.

I am unable to set nameserver on register.

For couldfare security certificate, I am getting this message attached in the picture.

Ehm, the error message is pretty clear. :man_shrugging:t2:

You havent added your domain to Cloudflare nor done what I suggested four days ago. You naturally cant issue certificates for domains which are not in your account.

It’s not able to recheck. That’s where I am stuck

That is, not as you initially wrote.

Anyhow, that domain is on Cloudflare however still not verified as you didnt update the nameservers at the registrar for that domain either. As I wrote four days ago you need to do so first.

How to update nameservers on registrater?

How to login to my domain registrar that is Mali Dili B.V. ?

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You will have to do this wherever you registered your domain.

With a .ml domain, it is likely to be Freenom, but may not be.

Yes it is freenom but freenom is not giving any administrative options