SSL free plan - Website Down

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We use SSL free plan, our website gets down almost every day and no error number appears, only the message that (can’t reach this page), any advice?

What is the domain name? It is impossible for us to diagnose the issue without knowing the exact error message. Please share a screenshot of the error page when you see it.

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Thanks for your comment, Albert.
The domain name is:
I have attached a screenshot.

Thanks for sharing the domain and screenshot. I am also encountering a timeout error when I try to visit the site.

I can see that, while the domain is using Cloudflare’s name servers, the DNS record on is unproxied :grey:, and therefore requests to aren’t actually being routed through Cloudflare.

This means there’s an issue with your origin server, and that is something you’ll have to talk to your hosting provider about. All I can say is that Cloudflare is not causing the issue.

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