SSL Free Plan issues with Godaddy Cpanel IP Blocker

Hello. I’ve noticed that with HTTPS enabled that the IP Blocker in the Godaddy cPanel no longer works. Users can still access my Wordpress website. I also have a plugin on my site that blocks IP’s as well, but only works on HTTP, not HTTPS. Any way of fixing this?

I’ve also had minor issues with the favicon not showing on the front end of the site but I fixed that. Still won’t show the icon on other standalone images or custom HTML pages under the site URL.

Hopefully, there is a simple fix if you guys have an idea. Besides that everything seems to work just fine.


I presume you are not restoring visitor IP addresses? As your website is proxied by Cloudflare, your server will just see all the requests from Cloudflare IPs.

Your two options are, either restore visitor IPs on your server (please see above link), or use Cloudflare IP Access Rules (Firewall → Tools) to block the IPs that you don’t want visiting your site.

I hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello. I didn’t think to try the firewall.

I wen’t into Firewall / Tools IP Access Rules
Since I have a second modem I wanted to test on what it looks like and so I Entered my IP, Example and checked (Block) (This website) Added a test note and clicked Add.

It’s not working. I can still get on the site.

Is this on a separate internet connection with a different public IP? Most on the same connection have the same IP…

You can check your public IP with a tool like this.

I know what my public IP is. It’s not working. The site can still be accessed.

Can you confirm it looks like this?

I have just tested this now and I am blocked:

If it all matches, I am afraid I don’t have any other ideas. Firewall is not my most knowledgeable area on Cloudflare! Maybe someone else can help :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve tried both IPV4 and IPV6 and both still loads into my website. So no I don’t see that Error. I see my actual site from both the computer and mobile device on the same line.


It’s ok. Hopefully, someone has an idea. That other route you sent restoring visitor IP addresses is beyond me. I have no idea where to start on that. I don’t want to break my server.

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Ok. This is strange, I mentioned I had a second modem, meaning I have two internet lines, two IP addresses. The one modem is blocked. It worked. It shows Error 1006 but the other one goes right on the website. I find that strange.

I was also hoping that they would be able to see the edit notes as to why they were IP Banned.

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