SSL forcing host server login

Hi everyone,

I’ve recently set my website live which is a 3D Printing website (made via wordpress) and I’m using a 3d model viewer/3d printing plugin. On the page with this plugin the website asks for a username and password to the host server. I’ve found that it appears to be because of SSL, when I turn it off, it no longer asks for the username and password.
I was considering turning off SSL for just that page however I get “too many redirect” errors when I use page rules. (I’m also forcing the page to use www and also enforcing site wide ssl). There must be a better solution than this though? If not at the very least I want to be able to turn SSL off for that specific page maybe?

For context, what this plugin does is the user uploads an stl 3d file, through my host server it sends the file to another external server to process the file for statistics and then sends the info back to be displayed.
I have no security type wordpress plugins active.
I’ve attached a link to the page in question:


Update: Now I’m starting to see why wordpress plugins can get messy.
I discovered that disabling the flexible ssl fix as well as wp super cache plugin solves the issue. However when doing this, disabling flexible ssl loop fix, I can no longer access pages by editing with elementor, which is very much an issue.

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