SSL for subdomain

Hi there, searched around and found some similar topics but nothing exact.

maindomain . com pointing to shopify
blog.maindomain . com pointing to bluehost
www is an alias of

SSL works on the maindomain . com pointing to shopify, although I think all shopify shops have SSL thru shopify.

SSL is not working on blog.maindomain . com that is pointing to bluehost.

I saw that some people had issues if it was going to many subdomains deep as in . com but mine is showing as blog.maindomain . com so shouldn’t be an issue.

Any ideas?

Could you share the actual domain?

It would seem your Bluehost configuration needs fixing. Is your TLS mode set to “Full (strict)”? Either set it to “Full” or make sure the certificate at Bluehost is valid.

I did set it to full (strict)

I wasn’t aware that I needed to install an SSL cert on bluehost, I thought this could just be done thru Cloudflare.

So I need to go into bluehost and instal one then, correct?

If Bluehost has a certificate (even an invalid one) you can set it to Full, if they do not have a certificate then use Flexible.

The TLS settings refer to the connection between your host and Cloudflare, not between Cloudflare and the client.

Do you have TLS enabled at Bluehost? If not, switch to “Flexible” (there wont be any encryption however). If you do, do you have a valid certificate? If yes, leave it at “Strict” but check what the problem is. Otherwise switch to strictless “Full”.

Thanks for the clarification guys, much appreciated

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