SSL for subdomain

Some pages on our website run on vue js, these pages are rendered dynamically.
An example of the page: Paid Instagram Promotion Services $1.59 | Instant & Guaranteed.
If we enable “Cloudflare Proxy” = “proxied” in DNS, the pages stop working because Cloudflare is caching the pages and rendering the html which has already been generated.
The problem can be solved by setting the “Proxy status” to dns only.
Are there any other solutions to the problem?
So that both proxy and vue js may work?

If you want to use other proxy features, but not caching, you can adjust your Cloudflare cache configuration.

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We want to use enable the DNS as “proxied” and use the caching function, however the issue is that if we enable it, then our VueJS code doesn’t work anymore.

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