SSL for Sass using Worker


I’d like to have my Custom Hostnames use a Cloudflare Worker for every route.

However, I am unable to follow the documentation at

Is says to apply a route of / to the worker. But that is simply not possible. It keeps insisting I include a zone name.

Route: */*

I’m facing the same issue. Still waiting to hear back from Support, though I did tell them it wasn’t a rush since I was just experimenting. SaaS hostnames aren’t working in Page Rules, either.

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Yeah. I was just about to execute a deployment on StackPath to handle ingress using their Anycast IP and container services. And then I saw the SSL for SaaS announcement.

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I did hear back from Support, and they said it’s something they need to fix. Probably by the end of the year (less than two months).

That’s annoying, was hoping they would fix it sooner.

Confirming this is fixed. Have just successfully tried it again.

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Thank you for circling back with us, it is appreciated.