SSL for SAN - Configuration issue on Go daddy

Hi, I have 4 customer domains that point to one of my CNAME (to support white label)

For this setup, I am using SSL with a custom name setup. I have added 4 custom names 3 are on Cloudflare and one is on Go daddy. I am able to validate the Cloudflare domains successfully using TXT records.

But for GoDaddy, there is an issue. We have tried the following two options in GoDaddy which are not working.

  1. GoDaddy has a CNAME XXX pointing to our hostname []. Our customer could not add another TXT record with the same name as XXX

  2. In GoDaddy, our customer have a TXT record with @. Updating this record with Cloudflare TXT record did not validate the TXT record on Cloudflare.

Please help us with this. If there is any documentation around GoDaddy related to this use-case, please share it with us.

Excepting certain DNSSEC records, no other RR types can coexist in the same space as a CNAME.

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