Ssl for saas with workers

I’m wanting to use workers along with ssl for saas but I keep hitting a 522 from the custom hostname no matter what configuration I try.

So I’m using a worker that responds to all traffic on my domain (**) and that works great (using AAAA with 100:: as described here). Next, following the documentation here) I add a fallback origin for custom hostnames ( Then I add a new cname ( that I intend to have another domain cname to (This seems to be required in order for the workers to pick up on it… can’t just glob it.). I add a custom hostname, validate that domain, and cname ( to,

The problem is that this results in a 522. I’ve also tried using an AAAA with 100:: as the value for the Going directly to works fine but it always results in a 522 for

I noticed in the documentation it mentioned using */* as a possible route value for workers… however, the UI will not let me use that as a valid value. It says it must have the zone name in there ( Is this what I’m bumping up against? Should I be able to use just*/* or just * as the route for a worker? Would having multiple domains in my account create that limit or maybe something else does?

Seems maybe this is a known issue based on this other thread.


I noticed that this seems to be resolved now. Haven’t fully tested but I was able to add a worker with a route value of *.