SSL for root domain as well as subdomain

Hi everyone,
I’ve successfully added the SSL to the first level subdomain of my website, but NOT to the root domain (without www.) in front. Can anyone help me apply SSL to both versions? Also, my website only seems to work on the root domain – its elements are functioning. The subdomain hasn’t updated to include everything I’ve added on my WP dashboard. Anyone know why this is?

Cloudflare generates a certificate for both if they both exist. If you want Cloudflare SSL, that hostname needs to be set to :orange:. What’s the domain?

Hi, thanks for getting back to me with this. The domain is and

They both have SSL, but it’s showing Mixed Content.

Yes I know this was happening-- i think it was a matter of needing more time to load the changes. Do you mind checking once more if you can still see mixed content?

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