SSL for my subdomain on xampp VPS


First. I did bought and domain in Namesilo, then I point it to my Siteground to do eveything with the wordpress. That’s easy.

After that. I created an sub-domain from Namesilo( or I could create it by Siteground, I don’t know which one is better, but I did created it on Namesilo) and I point it to my Amazon VPS ( windows server 2012 r2) using Xampp for my website. It’s running good.

But Now I need to use SSL for them. I tried let encrypt on Siteground, and my Domain is running with https, but my sub domain it’s not https.

So I got an idea.

  • Can I connect them My domain into Cloudflare, then point my Sub domain from CloudFlare to my VPS server?
  • And how make my sub domain be https ?( Can i use some keys- certificate from you, or keys-certificate from site ground).
    It’s my first time use SSL thanks!

You still need a certificate on your server. Cloudflare alone wont help you here.


and the certificate for my server. I need to buy it? or I need to create it?


You cant create it. You need it issued from a certificate authority. That can be paid or free. Lets Encrypt would be free, as well as Cloudflare origin certificates. The latter will only work in Cloudflare context though.

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