SSL for multiple domain

I would like to create Origin SSL certificate for multiple domains like this: *.mydomain1.mydomain2. com, *.mydomain1. com, mydomain1.mydomain2. com, mydomain1. com, but there is only option to create wildcard cetificate for a domain with subdomains. It had to be available because I have a few SSL certificate for multiple domains from earlier but now I could not find this otpion. Is it available?

An Origin certificate will only cover the domain under which it was issued. If you want to create a certificate for another domain, you’ll have to do this in the context of that domain. You can’t have one certificate covering two different domains.


As an alternative to using Cloudflare origin certificates, assuming you have adequate access to your origin server, you can use LetsEncrypt / Certbot to create certificates for up to 100 names. Assuming you use and * you can cover up to 50 total domains on a single certificate.

Thank you fory reply and sorry for late feedback!
I accept that this is the case but I was sure that free multiple domains ssl was available earlier from Cloudflare because currently I have got more origins certificates configured (15yers valid) as what I want.
Thanks again.

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