SSL for more than 50 subdomains

I know that $10 dedicated certificate allows only 50 hostnames but if I have more than 50 subdomains is the only option to pay Business plan and buy SSL cert somewhere else? Or is there any other possible solution? The price difference between these two solutions just because of this seems to be a bit high…

You can simply work with wildcards.

What is the exact use case you plan to have?

Even with wildcards we currently use with different provider there’s too many (assuming it works the same way). Every subdomain set for each server looks like:
* (or define usual three subs manually)

And we have a lot of these pairs…

So you’d have more than fifty app/client combinations?

In this case a dedicated certificate might not be the right option for you and a business plan with custom certificates might be the only option. But I would suggest you contact support/sales and clarify this with them. They might just know what to offer for such a case.


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