SSL for mapped domains

Hi, I have a wordpress multisite setup on digital ocean and RunCloud and they provide free SSL already by a third party provider that covers my MAIN domain and any SUBDOMAINS through a wildcard SSL. This SSL doesn’t cover any new network sites with domain mapping that get launched on my multisite. I’m thinking of setting up cloudflare to secure these new domain mapping sites that get launched but is that even possible to do SSL this way and if so, what is the best way to do it? I know I can manually add one domain at a time to cloudflare but that will get tough once user sites growth exponentially. Any help please! Sorry, I’m not technical.

Cloudflare’s certificates cover and *, so that’s good.

You will still need to manually (or procedurally) add DNS Records for those subdomains so you can set them to :orange: and go through Cloudflare. You can’t use a wildcard DNS entry for your subdomains that can set to :orange: unless you’re on an Enterprise plan.

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