SSL for installing on Server


Hi, does CloudFlare offer a dedicated SSL to be installed on server?
I have a VPS with CPanel / WHM management tools, and I want to secure the management services (FTP, SMTP, POP and IMAP) over SSL/TLS certificate, I’ve got a dedicated SSL for primary domain and * but couldn’t get any files or data to be installed on server so I can secure the subdomain I’ve choose for mx record, is there any way to get these files from exist dedicated SSL or is there any SSL offered to do that at CloudFlare?
Thank you


Cloudflare only has a cert you can put on a web server that’s proxied (:orange:) in DNS.

All other services need a standard SSL/TLS certificate from someone like Let’s Encrypt.

Your cPanel doesn’t have AutoSSL with Let’s Encrypt support?


It is, but get alert that certificate from non trusted CA, so I want to get SSL to be installed on