SSL for domains with different hosts and domain registrant

I have my domain booked on namecheap and site hosted on godaddy, How do i use cloudflare SSL certificate for that domain?

You first need SSL on your host.

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Hi Sandro, thanks for your prompt reply. I have my website hosted in Godaddy and domain is booked on namecheap. can you please elaborate a little bit I want to use Cloudflare SSL certificate for my domain? I am very new to these stuffs. Thank you in advance.


Cloudflare wont provide any security if your host is not secure.

You first need to talk to your host and make sure your site is on HTTPS before considering Cloudflare.

Okay, I probably have misunderstood. I thought we can booked domain from another domain registrant and use Cloudflare SSL certificates by changing the DNS. But it appears like that is not possible from what I understand from you. I will then check with my host godaddy!

Thanks again.

Changing DNS only points your domain to Cloudflare where you can use additional security and performance features. You still need a valid certificate on your server in the first place however.

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Okay I got it now. Thank you so much Sandro.

Your host does offer certificates for free, as far as I know, should they still want to charge you then you should check out and

Thanks so much Sandro.

I will read through and get more information on the link you provided.


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