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Have Cname redirect to an AMAZON Cloudfront server that someone else is managing. I have the Standard Cloudflare SSL enabled for the parent Site. Have issued a Cloudflare origin cert for the CNAME domain. The Cloudfront site is returning an error though. Is this something i’m doing is it to do with the way the Cloudfront Cert has been installed?26%20PM Is the Origin Cert the correct method for a CNAME redirect to third party website if SSL is required?

Is the CNAME :grey:? If so, you wouldnt be tunnelling through Cloudflare but hit the Amazon server directly and hence get its certificate which does not match the CNAME.

You’d need to post the domains in question for more details.

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No. Not necessarily. In this case the origin already has an SSL certificate. An origin cert would only be required here if you are using Full (Strict) for your SSL setting on the SSL/TLS app in Cloudflare. Otherwise with Full this would proxy just fine.


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Knowing the error would be helpful and as @sandro mentioned the domains might help as well.



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As @sandro suspected is currently :grey: not :orange: so the record is not being proxied by Cloudflare or using your SSL certificate. Have you tried changing it to :orange:? What happens then?


Tried manually adjusting the TTL but still same error.

The TTL is not the issue, but the proxy flag. If it is :orange: it should be fine, however it must be still :grey:.

If you cant switch it, try loading the site in desktop mode.

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Nailed it! Thanks! :smile:

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