SSL for all domains pointing to cloudflare services (regardless of hostname level)

i use cloudflare services like R2 and tunnel with my cloudflare domains. since i use stacked subdomains like fourth[dot]level[dot]domain[dot]com, i was thinking it would be ideal if, regardless if advanced certificate manager was not purchased, that if it pointed to a cloudflare service it would be encrypted anyway.

It sounds like you’re submitting a feature request for Cloudflare to provide ACM/Total TLS for free.

R2, Pages, and Workers custom domains already provide SSL for fourth level hostnames.

Worth a shot to ask for paid products for free, I guess.

almost there mate! except i mean only for domains pointing to cloudflare services; like you mentioned, r2 pages and workers already providing SSL for fourth level domains but why does it not for other cloudflare services like Cloudflare Tunnel ??