SSL for 3 webapps hosted on 3 differents servers under the same main domain

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I have 3 services :

Both contractors are requesting the SSL keys (public, intermediate, private) to implement TLS/SSL *
In Cloudflare, how to do that ?
Universal ssl is not giving me the private key.
I purchased an advanced certificate 10$/month but where do I get the private key ?

I read so many times CF documentation and spent hours searching and I have the impression that my subdomain web portal/services are automatically secured by CF so my contractors should not ask me the private key to install the SSL cert explicetly on their origin servers. Is it correct ?
May be, their request (from the contractors) corresponds to the full strict mode (secure origin with Cloudflare Origin CA certificate on the server) : I tried with one of them, creating an origin certificate but the contractor got the error in aws “provided certificate is not a valid self signed certificate”…

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You need certificates on the servers for connections between Cloudflare and the server. This is not the same as the Advanced Certificate.

You can use a Cloudflare Origin Certificate for this. Or, you can set up certbot or mod_md on the servers to get Let’s Encrypt certificates for free; the server admins should know how to do this. The main point is that this is a separate certificate from the one at Cloudflare that users see in their browsers.


Thanks, one key point I just realized is that end user certificates is working out of the box with CF as soon as your A records in the DNS setting have the proxy option on. I think this is definitively missing in the doc Overview · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs. They should mention that explicitly. This gave me hours of trying to understand why my config was not working, buying advanced certificate for nothing etc…

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