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never mind all sorted, i would delete the post but no option to do so



I have installed free flexible SSL to one of my website. I have some question as below:

Is Cloudflare SSL is free for lifetime OR will expire after couple of months?

Is Cloudflare Free SSL limited for 1GB bandwidth or with Unlimited Bandwidth?

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It is free for live but does show an expiration date of i think 190 days from registering it, from what i gather cloudflare get them from COMODO so i think that expiry date is just linked to comodo

From looking around before i think it said something like cloudflare does not have bandwidth limits but dont hold me to that ha ha.

To be honest im only a couple of days in to having this service but has helped with my site speed loading times and there flexible SSL


It’s free forever. Like any SSL certificate, there’s an expiration date, but it auto-renews…also for free.

Unlimited bandwidth…for free. Pretty cool, eh?




HI @sdayman, Ae you using free SSL yourself? If yes, from how long?

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