SSl Flexible for a single sub domain

Hi Guys,
Currently full is selected in my sites and it is working fine but for one sub domain i want to use the Flexible. Can some one let me know that how can i write a page rule where i can do SSL flexible for a single domain.

You shouldnt use Flexible. If you really cant configure a certificate you should switch HTTPS off for that host.

Yes currently I have off the https for that host but I need the Certificate for this subdomain the and by my testing the Flexible works for this host but it doesnt work for other hosts, and all my other hosts go down. I haven’t setup the certificates, i just inherited the work this way. Is there no method to have flexible for a single host? Do I have to setup my own certificate for this subdomain?

Yes, you will need to set up a certificate for that particular host on your server too.

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