SSL Expired and Not Renewing

Hi Ryan, I’m facing the same issue here. My website isn’t accessible because apparently my ssl certificate expired. How long should it take to update it? My traffic has dropped and it’s causing me some problems. I’ve just opened a ticket: Request #1437335. Is it possible to solve this issue in a reasonable time?
Thanks in advance for your help and your time

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I’ve never seen a Cloudflare SSL certificate expire. What’s the domain?

Hi, my website is

Look for further instructions on your ticket. :smiley:

Hi, I’ve just answered you on my ticket. All the changes requested have been done. What now?

I hope Support was able to help you out. The domain you listed doesn’t resolve for me, and WHOIS indicates it’s non-existant.

I just nudged it along. Hopefully it will get queued up quickly.

In fact, I just checked again and it’s fixed.

(and I moved this out to a different topic)

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Yes! Both of them work now! Thank you again for your precious help. May you have a nice day :slight_smile:

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My site: is also throwing an error. I was told that the shared SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare from their edge servers would automatically renew, but it looks like it hasn’t. What can I do?

I put in a ticket / Request #1439782

Thank you!!!

UPDATE: We’ve had to disable Cloudflare on the main A record and the WWW record to get the site back online.

From support:
"In the past week, we had issue that one of our certificate vendors don’t renew their certificates automatically.

We have been running a script to renew these certificates without impacting customers using these certs. Unfortunately, since the number of certificates are large, there are still cases that we could not renew the certs before they expire."

… maybe any others having the same problem will be able to find this and receive help.