SSL Expiration

Hello there, just wanted to confirm if the SSL that’s generated in Cloudflare has an expiration? If yes, can I know how to make it auto renew? Thank you so much!

Cloudflare’s certs are good for one year. No need to worry about expiration, as Cloudflare auto renews all their SSL Certificates.

Ohh. That’s great! Thank you so much!

Hi can I just want to confirm if we’re doing it right. Is making it Flexible means generating a SSL Certificate? Thanks again.

All those SSL options use the same SSL Certificate. But Flexible doesn’t put an SSL certificate on your server…just at the Cloudflare end for your visitors.

Thanks for the information, but is it enough to secure the website? Or do we need to generate a SSL for the Server?

You should add a certificate to the server and set it to Full (strict).


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